A landscape bed in front of a gated brick wall

The 2022 Urban Landscape Summit

April 19-21, 2022

Straughn Professional Development Center, Gainesville

Thanks to all who attended, either in person or via Zoom!

Watch the Summit

You can find all of the 2022 Urban Landscape Summit Presentations online as a playlist on our YouTube channel.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the student poster presentation:

  • Emily Taylor – Best Doctoral Poster
  • Teagan Young – Best Master's Poster
  • Kacey Russo – Honorable Mention for Undergraduate Poster

2022 Agenda

Tuesday, April 19

Time Title Presenters
12:45 pm Registration
1:15 pm Welcome and Opening Remarks Dr. Michael Dukes
1:30 pm Keynote: A Message From Our Dean Dr. Andra Johnson
1:45 pm Invited Introductory Remarks Dr. J. Scott Angle, Dr. Michael Dukes
Celebrating FNGLA President Ben Bolusky's Retirement
2:20 pm Moving Towards More Rational and Repeatable Tree Risk Assessments: Comparing Commonly Used Tree Risk Assessment Methods Dr. Ryan Klein
2:45 pm Quantifying Impacts of Fertilizer Workshops on Nitrogen Leaching and Subsequent Economic Impacts in Seminole County Dr. AJ Reisinger and Tina McIntyre
3:10 pm Break
3:30 pm Urban Agriculture in Florida: Current Barriers and Future Opportunities Dr. Catherine G. Campbell, Dr. Alia DeLong, Alicia Papanek
3:55 pm Upstream Social Marketing: An Approach to Scaling Up Landscape Behavior Change Among Influential Stakeholders Dr. Paul Monaghan, Dr. Gail Hansen, Jennison Kipp, Stacie Greco, Michelle Atkinson
4:20 pm Adjusting Irrigation Attitudes through Collaboration Dr. William Lester, Claire Lewis, Robin Grantham
4:45 pm Closing Remarks and Adjourn

Wednesday, April 20

Time Title Presenters
8:30 am Registration, Coffee, and Networking
9:00 am Welcome and Opening Remarks Dr. Michael Dukes
Faculty Lightning Rounds
9:15 am Up in the Air and Down in the Water: Connections between the Atmosphere and Water Quality in Tampa Bay Dr. Mary Lusk, Paula Sanchez-Garzon
9:25 am Integrating Pest and Pollinator Management Strategies for Ornamental Plant Production Dr. Bernie Mach, post doc, Dr. Adam Dale
9:35 am Relating Knowledge and Perception of Sustainable Landscape Practices to the Adoption Intention of Florida-Friendly Landscapes Dr. Xumin Zhang, Dr. Hayk Khatchatryan
9:45 am Restoring the Rolling Hills: From Golf Course to Passive Park Tina McIntyre
9:55 am A Climate-Wise Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure Initiative Michael Volk, Dr. Gail Hansen, Dr. Belinda Nettles
10:05 am Break
10:20 am Floridians See Rainfall as a Supplement to Irrigation: Can We Change This? Dr. Laura Warner, Dr. John Diaz
10:45 am Standardizing Invasive Species Terminology to Enhance Stakeholder Education Dr. Basil Iannone
11:10 am Student Lightning Rounds
Master's Student Division
1. Water Conservation Potential for Maturing Residential Landscapes in Southwest Florida (pdf) Ronald Fox, Dr. Eban Bean
2. An Ecological Perspective on Common Lawn Weeds (pdf) Olesya Malakhova, Dr. Basil Iannone
3. Safer Than Sorry: Evaluating the Drivers of Risk Perception in Professional Tree Risk Assessments (pdf) Larsen McBride, Dr. Ryan Klein
4. Researching the Efficacy of Reclaimed Water BMPs for Nutrient Load Reductions in Residential Areas (pdf) Dylan Barr, Dr. Mary Lusk, Kate Rotindo
5. Understanding Nitrogen Dynamics and Its Fate in Inorganic Forms in Sandy Soils Under a Cover Crop System in Florida (pdf) Juma Bukomba, Dr. Mary Lusk, Dr. Gabriel Maltais-Landry, Dr. Yuncong Li
6. Cutting Propagation of Four Florida Native Taxa of Wild Coffee (Psychotria sp.) for Ornamental Use – winner (pdf) Teagan Young, Dr. Sandra Wilson, and Dr. Mack Thetford
7. How Many Plants Are in Your Yard? Differences in How People Perceive and Manage Lawn and Non-lawn Plant Species Affect Patterns of Urban Plant Diversity – winner (pdf) Kacey A. Russo, Dr. Vitor Vieira Vasconcelos, Jesse C. Jones, Olesya Malakhova, Dr. Eben N. Broadbent, Dr. Adam G. Dale, Dr. Jiangxiao Qiu, Dr. Nicholas W. Taylor, Wendy L. Wilber, and Dr. Basil V. Iannone III
PhD Student Division
1. Are We Landscaping in Our Best Interest? Disconnect Between Yard Management Strategies and Prioritized Ecosystem Services (pdf) Jesse C. Jones, Dr. Vitor Vieira Vasconcelos, Wendy L. Wilber, Dr. Nicholas W. Taylor, M. Jennison Kipp, Dr. Jiangxiao Qiu, Dr. Adam G. Dale, Dr. Eben N. Broadbent, Dr. Ricky W. Telg, Kacey A. Russo, Olesya Malakhova, and Dr. Basil V. Iannone III
2. Exploring Factors Influencing Residents’ Adoption of Pollinator-Friendly Gardening Practices (pdf) Cody Gusto, Colby Silvert, Dr. Laura Warner, Dr. John Diaz
3. Attitudes and Preferences of Consumers and Growers Toward a Proposed Scientifically-based UF-trademarked Process for Wildlife-Friendly Plants (jpg) Caroline Nickerson, Dr. Jaret Daniels, Dr. Laura Warner, Dr. Lauri Baker, Dr. Adam Dale
4. When Local Rainfall is Enough: A Research Intervention to Improve Residential Landscape Water Conservation (pdf) Colby Silvert, Cody Gusto, Dr. Laura Warner Dr. John Diaz
5. Alternative Urban Landscapes: A Look into Public Perspectives and Ecosystems Trade-Offs (pdf) Pablo Agustin Boeri, Dr. Bryan Unruh, Dr. Kevin Kenworthy, Dr. Marco Schiavon, Dr. AJ Reisinger
6. Extension Perspectives on Urban Agriculture in Florida (jpg) Alicia Papanek, Dr. Catherine G. Campbell, Dr. Alia DeLong
7. Alterations of Dissolved Organic Material Composition and Its Influence on Ecosystem Respiration – winner Emily Taylor, Dr. AJ Reisinger, Dr. Jacob Hosen
8. Water Column Saturation Profiles of N2, CO2, and CH4 in Natural Ponds vs. Stormwater Ponds in Florida Audrey Goeckner, Dr. AJ Reisinger, Dr. Ashley Smyth, Dr. Meredith Holgerson
12:00 pm Lunch and Poster Judging
1:30 pm Assessment of Soil Amendment Types and Rates for Reduced Turfgrass Irrigation Dr. Eban Bean, Ronald Fox
1:55 pm Savings Potential for a Targeted Smart Irrigation Controller Program in the Tampa Bay Area Dr. Nick Taylor
2:20 pm How We Limit Urban Tree Species Diversity (and How We Can Change That) Dr. Andrew Koeser
2:45 pm Conversion of Conventional (Turf Dominated) to Alternative Landscapes: Points to Ponder Dr. Bryan Unruh, Dr. Adam Dale, Dr. Pablo Agustin Boeri
3:10 pm Break
3:30 pm Future Ecological Landscapes: Proposed Strategies and Their Perceptions Brooke Moffis
3:55 pm Working with Developers on Reducing Landscape Impacts Dr. Pierce Jones, Jennison Kipp, Dr. Basil Iannone, Dr. Nick Taylor
4:20 pm Extension Communications Beyond EDIS: Writing Books for Publication Dr. Gail Hansen
4:45 pm Poster Awards, Closing Remarks, and Adjourn Dr. Michael Dukes
6:00 pm Post-Summit: First Magnitude Brewing Co. Food and drinks on your own