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About CLUE

The Center for Land Use Efficiency (CLUE) was created to bring IFAS agricultural and urban BMP programs together.

Urban programs include the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program (FFL) and the Florida Master Gardener Volunteer program. These programs focus on topics such as resource (e.g. water and nutrients) efficient landscape design, irrigation water conservation, nutrient recommendations, consumer preference, and invasives. Download the CLUE 2020 Annual Report (PDF).

The other urban program included in CLUE is the Program for Resource Efficient Communities (PREC). This group provides planning, design, and training for builders and developers to create communities that are less resource intensive.

Where CLUE focuses at the lot level with the Master Gardener Volunteer and FFL programs, from supply of plant material to installation and maintenance over time, PREC focuses at a larger scale, such as how would we implement FFL or a similar program in large scale developments with thousands of homes.

Finally, the third program within CLUE is the IFAS Agricultural Best Management Practices program. This program works closely with the FDACS OAWP to provide research-based information to develop best management practices (BMPs) and education to facilitate the adoption of BMPs.

Agricultural BMPs and urban BMPs, while distinctly separate, also share synergies. One example with much interest is compost amendments to promote soil health, increase water holding capacity, and provide nutrients. Research and demonstration is occurring in urban landscapes and there is interest in agriculture.