Dr. Taylor Clem

County Extension Director

Taylor Clem

Dr. Taylor Clem is the UF/IFAS Nassau County Extension Director, and a horticultural extension agent. He earned a bachelors degree in from the University of Kentucky and a master’s degree from the University of Florida, both in landscape architecture. Dr. Clem also has a doctorate in horticulture services from UF. He has numerous certifications including, but not limited to: Certified Florida-Friendly Landscaping Professional; Green-Industries Best Management Practices Instructor Training; and Teaching and Learning in Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Before accepting the position in Nassau County, Taylor was an extension agent and Master Gardner Volunteer Coordinator for the UF/IFAS Extension Alachua Office in Gainesville.

UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County

543350 US Hwy 1
Callahan, FL 32011
(Office) (904) 530-6351
Phone: (904)557-8160
E-mail: taylorclem87@ufl.edu


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