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Affiliate Faculty Process

The Center for Land Use Efficiency (CLUE) was created to bring IFAS agricultural and urban BMP programs together.


The Center for Land Use Efficiency is a multidisciplinary research and extension center within the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences that focuses on identifying and promoting sustainable land use practices. Affiliate membership is granted to University of Florida faculty who can contribute to enhancing and maximizing the interdisciplinary research and extension efforts of the Center.

Affiliate Guidelines

Affiliate membership is open to any University of Florida faculty member who will promote the basic mission of the Center for Land Use Efficiency.


Affiliate members are University of Florida faculty who demonstrate a recent and promising history of research and extension efforts that will advance the stated mission of the center. Prospective affiliate members must show evidence of one or both of the following:

  1. Peer-reviewed, extramural funding for research projects centered on sustainable landscapes related publications over the last three years in peer-reviewed professional journals, and a contribution to the development of sustainable landscape-related research.
  2. A strong record of creative, effective, and measureable extension programs focusing on sustainable urban landscape practices.

Responsibilities of Affiliate Membership

  1. Support the basic concept, mission, and goals of the Center for Land Use Efficiency.
  2. Engage in collaborative efforts and communications about research initiatives.
  3. Submit an annual Report of Accomplishment to CLUE staff by Dec. 15 to facilitate accurate reporting of scientific and/or extension activities and grant support.
  4. Attend and participate in related seminars, program meetings, and conferences in areas of research and/or extension.
  5. Include recognition of affiliate membership on all related academic papers, grants, journal articles, poster sessions, and/or abstracts.
  6. Participate in landscape-related education activities sponsored by the Center.
  7. Attend one CLCE faculty meeting a year.

Benefits of Affiliate Membership

Inclusion in relevant promotional materials (such as the affiliate faculty page on the Center website), inclusion in program-wide collaborative research and/or extension applications, inclusion in CLUE committees and voting privilege, and inclusion in faculty meetings to discuss research and/or extension directions and initiatives for the coming year.


Faculty interested in becoming an affiliate should contact Dr. Michael Dukes with an interest statement and their CV.